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2017-18 College Catalog 
2017-18 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Offerings

Course Classification

Noncredit courses are numbered 0911–0999; introductory, credit-level courses are numbered 1000–1999; and advanced, credit-level courses are numbered 2000–4999.

Landmark College reserves the right to make changes to course offerings during any semester as needed.

Fall 2017 Course Renumbering

Courses have been renumbered effective Fall 2017. For previous year codes and course descriptions, please see Landmark College Self-Service, “Find Courses”

   •  PSY2071 Educational Psychology
   •  PSY2081 Cognitive Psychology
   •  PSY3011 Social Science Research
   •  PSY3021 Theories of Personality
   •  PSY3041 Psychology of Emotion
   •  PSY3051 Abnormal Psychology
   •  PSY3061 Diversity Psychology
   •  PSY4011 Social Identity in a Diverse World
   •  REL1011 Introduction to World Religions
   •  REL3011 Religion and Popular Culture
   •  REL3021 Faith and Doubt
   •  REL4011 Religion and the Political
   •  REL4021 Reimagining the Divine
   •  SOC1011 Introduction to Sociology
   •  SOC2021 Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality
   •  SOC2031 Human Sexuality
   •  SOC3001 Interdisciplinary Studies Seminar
   •  SOC3011 Civic Engagement
   •  SPA1011 Elementary Spanish I
   •  SPA1012 Elementary Spanish II
   •  SPA1100 Survival Spanish
   •  SPA2011 Intermediate Spanish I
   •  SPA2012 Intermediate Spanish II
   •  THE1011 Acting I
   •  THE2011 Acting II
   •  THE3021 Writing for the Screen
   •  VID2011 Video I
   •  VID3011 Video II
   •  WIL0111 Wilson Small Group Instruction I
   •  WIL0112 Wilson Small Group Instruction II
   •  WIL0113 Wilson Small Group Instruction III
   •  WRT0111 Fundamentals of Writing
   •  WRT0112 From Paragraph to Essay
   •  WRT0901 Writing Better Sentences
   •  WRT0911 Developmental Writing
   •  WRT1011 Composition and Rhetoric
   •  WRT1012 Research and Analysis
   •  WRT2011 Creative Nonfiction
   •  WRT2711 Travel Writing
   •  WRT3011 Advanced Writing

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