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2017-18 College Catalog 
2017-18 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Landmark College offers an intensive, rigorous competitive academic program exclusively for students diagnosed with a learning disability, ADHD, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The College provides extensive academic and student services to help students achieve academically, within a residential environment typical of that of a liberal arts college. Through the admissions process we are looking for academically appropriate students who recognize and are motivated to meet Landmark’s high standards and expectations.

The Admission Process

Applicants must meet two essential criteria:

  1. Average to superior intellectual potentials AND
  2. Diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD, or ASD.

The Admission Process has three steps:

  • Complete and submit the Landmark College application and personal statement or the online Universal Application and Landmark College Universal Application Supplement.
  • Ensure that all required records and recommendations are sent to and received by the Landmark College Office of Admissions.
  • Our Admissions Committee reviews the complete application package and determines whether to:
    • Request further documentation
    • Invite applicant for an interview
    • Admit applicant directly to the degree program
    • Decline applicant’s application

Application Requirements

  • Application
    • Students are welcome to submit the Landmark College application and personal statement or submit online the Universal Application and Landmark College Universal Application Supplement.
  • Official and final high school transcripts, complete through seven semesters or the semester most recently completed. Transcripts of any summer school or college work must be submitted as well. Your official transcript is required prior to enrollment. Homeschooled students are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Please submit supporting documentation of curriculum and certification. Note: IEP diplomas are rarely accepted.
  • Copy of GED certificate (if applicable)
  • Official college transcripts, if student has already taken courses at another college
  • Guidance counselor letter of recommendation (freshman applicants only)
  • Dean’s Report (transfer applicants only)
  • Instructor recommendation(s), completed by a teacher or professor in an academic subject who knows applicant well. Additional recommendations may also be submitted.
  • Personal statement
  • TOEFL scores, if student is an international student
  • Application fee of $75, payable to Landmark College (required unless a fee waiver request is submitted)
  • ACT or SAT scores, if available. They are not required, but can be useful if student has taken the exam.
  • Diagnostic Information (see below)
  • Interview

Diagnostic Records

All of the following will be considered as we review the student’s application. In some cases we may request that a student take examinations, for which there are no current scores within the last three years.

  • Psycho-Educational Testing (tests must have been administered within three years of applying)
    • A series of standardized tests used to evaluate the cognitive and intellectual abilities of the student. Complete scores, including sub-test, are required to provide a comprehensive understanding of the applicant. Please submit one of the following:
      • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale III (WAIS III)
      • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children (WISC)
      • Woodcock Johnson Cognitive Test (WJ Cog)
  • Reading Achievement Assessment provides a three-dimensional picture of the applicant’s reading abilities, measuring vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and reading rate. Please submit one of the following:
  •                   Wechsler Individual Achievement Test (WIAT)    
      • Woodcock Johnson Achievement Test (WJ Ach)
      • Nelson Denny Reading Test
      • Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT)
    • This type of assessment provides a three-dimensional picture of your reading abilities, measuring your vocabulary development, reading comprehension, and reading rate.
  • Diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD, or ASD
    • Current, within three years of applying, diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD, or ASD by a professional is a requirement for admission to Landmark College.

Transfer Applicants

Students who have attempted one or more college courses after graduating from high school are considered a transfer applicant. Landmark College welcomes transfer applications for either the Fall or Spring semester. College transcripts are required in addition to other application requirements.


The Homeschooled Admissions policy is a system designed to assist homeschooled students in the admissions process and allow Landmark College to make informed decisions on each homeschooled applicant.

Landmark is a homeschool-friendly college for students who learn differently. Landmark College understands that there are several paths a homeschooled student may follow in order to receive their high school education, which may differ from state to state as well as from district to district.

Academic Background

  1. Diploma-Granting Organizations
    If you are completing your homeschool education under the umbrella of a diploma-granting organization you will need to provide evidence of coursework completed, level of performance (grades) and a copy of the diploma.
  2. GED or HSED
    If you have received a GED or HSED following an approved curriculum endorsed by your local school committee or Superintendent, you will need to provide your GED/HSED, School Committee/Superintendent approved academic plan (if any), and fill out the Landmark College Official Home School Transcript.
  3. Portfolios
    In the absence of either official transcript information from a diploma-granting organization or from the approving school district, GED or HSED, and statistical information, the admissions office has a difficult task assessing comparability of your educational preparedness for college-level entrance. To help the Landmark Admissions Office evaluate your academic readiness we require you to provide a portfolio of your work indicative of your academic achievement.

    Accompanying this portfolio you will need to complete the Landmark College Official Homeschool Transcript.

The Portfolio may include:

  1. Coursework or grades from classes taken from educational institutions
  2. AP tests
  3. Achievement test
  4. Recommendations from qualified tutors or teachers
  5. Work examples
    1. Independent research projects
    2. Writing samples: research papers, reports, essays, or other writing examples
    3. Evidence of completed units in History, Math, Science, and other academic subject areas
    4. Descriptions of books and other curricular materials used in your high school level education experience

Standardized Tests

Although Landmark College does not require applicants to submit standardized test results for admission, Landmark College has found these tests very useful in ascertaining a homeschooled applicant’s academic preparedness and fit for Landmark College’s unique education programs. With this in mind we encourage homeschooled applicants to submit any standardized test results with their applications for admission.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation are an important piece of a homeschooled student’s application. We encourage applicants to be thoughtful in the selection of the individuals filling out recommendations. Please keep in mind that the purpose of these letters is not only to reflect your academic, determination and critical-thinking skills, but also what you as an individual would bring to the Landmark College community. Recommendations should be written by individuals who are qualified to make an informed and objective perspective of their experience with you as a person and/or student.

It is the responsibility of Landmark College to perform its due diligence with all admissions applications. Although Landmark College typically uses Vermont state guidelines for assuring the successful completion of a homeschooling high school education, the College may need to assure that the minimum requirements from the applicant’s home state or “diploma” issuing institution have been met as well or in place of Vermont standards. Homeschooled applicants are required to submit all other required documents such as a fully completed application, official diagnosis of a learning disability, ADHD, or ASD, and the required cognitive/achievement testing.

International Applicants

International students are welcome and encouraged to apply. English proficiency is required. Applicants whose first language is not English must submit one of the following:

  • TOEFL - Minimum score of 550 (paper based), 213 (computer based), or 80 (Internet based). The TOEFL code for Landmark College is 1537.
  • IELT - Minimum score of 6.5

Note: If the applicant’s academic program is taught in English, it is possible the proof of English proficiency test could be waived.


Landmark College has a rolling admissions process. This means that, as long as we have openings, we consider completed applications as they arrive. The trend in recent years is for spaces to fill early, so we suggest that applicants try to get application materials to us as soon as possible. The priority deadlines are:

  • December 15 for Spring semester admission
  • April 15 for Fall semester admission
  • May 15 for Summer programs


Students accepted for enrollment may choose to defer their acceptance for up to one calendar year. Requests for deferral should be made in writing and sent to the Office of Enrollment Services.


Students whose applications are not accepted for enrollment may appeal the decision. Appeals to Admissions must be made in writing, addressed to the Vice President for Enrollment Management, and must contain additional documentation in support of the application.