Aug 20, 2018  
2017-18 College Catalog 
2017-18 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ACC2031 Forensic Accounting

This course introduces students to applied accounting concepts using the framework of human behavior and business practices. Students gain an understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), financial and forensic accounting, and techniques used to determine the presence of financial wrongdoing, such as gathering and organizing relevant information, generating critical evaluations of accounting misconduct, and connecting with business legalities. Students examine cases of corporate financial crime to determine the effectiveness of the forensic accounting techniques used. Students also research cases involving corruption, money laundering, and embezzlement, and then report their findings as oral presentations and/or essays. This course is open to all Landmark College students who meet the prerequisites. ACC 1011  is recommended as a pre-requisite but not required. Credits: 3.000

WRT 1012  Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 And EDU 1011  Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 Or EDU 1001  Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 Or EDU 1201  Lecture Min Credits: 2.00