Jun 18, 2018  
2017-18 College Catalog 
2017-18 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BUS2011 Effective Business Communication

Students develop effective communication skills to present business and professional topics in a variety of mediums. Students learn how to organize technical and non-technical materials for presentation in a variety of written formats (formal and informal reports, e-mail, instructions, memoranda, letters, resumes, etc.). Students also learn how to organize ideas and express them through oral presentation using presentation software. Topics of discussion also include: structuring presentations (written or oral) for different purposes, strategies for persuading people in authority to support one’s position, the effects of non-verbal communication, and ways to develop and incorporate visual aids. Additionally, students are introduced to how organizational culture influences internal and external organizational communications, problem solving, conflict resolution, and interviewing skills. Credits: 3.000

WRT 1012   Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 And EDU 1011   Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 Or EDU 1001   Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 Or EDU 1201   Lecture Min Credits: 2.00 And COM 1011   Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 Or COM1021 Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 Or COM 1071   Lecture Min Credits: 3.00