Aug 19, 2018  
2017-18 College Catalog 
2017-18 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CER3011 Ceramics II

This course will be a refinement of the fundamental skills learned in CER 2011  , Ceramics I, with a heightened emphasis on the ability to gain technical mastery over core forms, and to critique work with clearly developed criteria. Students will be expected to create more complex and challenging functional and sculptural pieces, including vessels and forms with handles, lids, and spouts. In addition, students will work with different clay bodies, and explore more advanced surface treatments such as sgraffito, the use of stains, underglazes, slips and engobes. A major component of the course is the expectation that students will spend time in the studio outside class on a regular basis to complete their work and to advance their skills and ideas. Students in this course will be expected to serve as mentors to students in the studio who are just beginning to work in clay, and to set a standard with their work. All students in Ceramics II will also be expected to show their work in the student art show at the end of the term in a way that reflects the care they have taken to present their work as professionally as possible. Students will be expected to do regular research and exploration into ceramics forms, processes, and contemporary practices, including ceramic installations. Credits: 3.000

CER 2011   Lecture Min Credits: 3.00 $35.00